Applying scientific, quantitative methods to justice policy and practice questions

Where Science Meets Criminal Justice

At Justice Episteme we believe that robust data science and quantitative methods are an essential tool supporting the management and future planning of justice services.

Using our extensive expertise and experience in statistical modelling, simulation and the justice sector, we work with our clients to understand better how services are operating and to explore the possible impact of policy changes and reforms, and the downstream effect these may have on the running of the sector’s agencies.

Supporting Our Clients

We are focused on supporting policy makers and organisational leaders across the justice sector with our scientific and quantitative expertise, helping to draw meaningful conclusions, supporting evidence backed decisions on policy change and practice reform.
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Robust Forward-Looking Science

Using robust data science and quantitative methods we have developed a number of solutions that support the current and future management of justice services.
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Independent Experts

We are experts in statistical modelling and the justice sector, independent of any political affiliation, and guided by sound scientific principles and relevant evidence.
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Our expertise and solutions are available to agencies across the justice system; police, prosecution, courts, prisons, probation, health and other social support organisations.
We undertake work directly with clients as well as in partnership with similarly minded organisations and individuals. If you would like to speak to us about one of our solutions or a bespoke project, contact us here:
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